LED candle

The lifespan depends on the power supply (batteries or rechargeable), the type of candle (tea light or pillar) and the type of batteries. This information appears on the sheet of the LED candle in question.

For rechargeable LED candles, the lifespan varies depending on the conditions of use, but it is generally advisable to consider between 500 recharge cycles.

  • Amber-106 TSY : the closest to the real wax candle. Recommend in our tealight holders.
  • Warm white-106W
  • Super bright - warm white - 109W - recommend in our lamps with dark or colored lampshades.

The remote control we provide is compatible with all LED candles included in our Candle Concept kits. You can control an LED candle from up to 3 meters away by simply pointing the remote control at the candle and pressing the power button.

Our lithium ion batteries are high quality and equip all our rechargeable LED candles. Specifically designed for daily use by catering professionals.

Our rechargeable LED candles feature a waterproof silicone coating, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use, such as on a patio. However, please avoid immersing them in water or any other liquid!

  • Only use a 12V DC adapter to avoid damage to your charger.
  • The kit is designed to connect a charging station (12 LED candles) with a 12V 1A power supply.
  • Connect up to two charging stations (24 LED candles) with a 12V 2A power supply.
  • Maximum two charger bases can be connected to a single adapter.

Don't throw these accessories in the trash! Most electrical devices and batteries are recyclable and should be handled in accordance with local regulations on the recycling of electronic equipment and batteries.

To extend the battery life of LED candles, please follow these recommendations:

  • Manually turn the candles on and off using the button underneath, rather than using the remote control.
  • To charge the candles, connect up to two charging stations and only use the appropriate adapter.
  • LED candles must be charged before use.
  • Do not leave the spark plugs charging continuously. Once charged, unplug them from the power source to extend battery life.


  • Use only the power cable provided by Candle Concept. Using other cables could damage the LED candles.
  • Only use the charger with a DC 12V adapter! otherwise it may damage the device.
  • Do not place LED candles on the charging tray if they are damp or wet.
  • Only two maximum load trays can be nested together. Use only the 12V2A adapter in this case.
  • When not using the LED candles for more than 4 weeks, charge them fully and be sure to turn them off using the button located under the candle. During long-term storage, recharge the battery once every 3 months.
  • When using a new battery or after prolonged storage, be sure to fully charge the battery before use.
  • Do not throw away, damage or open candles. This could cause an explosion or release toxic substances.
  • Avoid adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity or excessive overcharging/discharging.
  • Store products in a cool, dry place.
  • Turn off the device when the battery is out of power to avoid excessive discharge.
  • Never immerse products in a liquid such as water or sea water.
  • Keep the LED candle charger and adapter away from any heat source such as fire or oven.
  • Even when turned off with the remote control, the candles will continue to consume energy. To extend battery life, turn them off using the switch located at the base of the candle.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP44).
  • Do not throw in the trash. Please follow local regulations for recycling electronic devices and batteries.

If you plan not to use your rechargeable LED candles for more than 4 weeks, be sure to fully charge them and turn them off to the "off" position using the button under the candle, rather than the remote control. During extended storage, it is recommended to keep the battery fully charged and recharge it once every 3 months.

Yes, our rechargeable LED candles contain lithium-ion batteries built into the equipment. They are subject to UN3481 regulations for transport. There are strict rules regarding lithium-ion batteries. In addition to standard regulations on equipment-integrated lithium-ion batteries, many air carriers place restrictions on the transportation of lithium batteries. It is prudent to check with your transportation provider.

The warranty on Candle Concept rechargeable LED candles is one year from the date indicated on your invoice. High quality lithium batteries equip all our rechargeable LED candles. Specifically designed for daily use by catering professionals.


Personalize and Create an atmosphere that suits you

  1. You select the base of your lamp (finish and design),
  2. Choose the lampshade ,
  3. Determine light intensity with LED candle kits.
  • 1 Lamp base with anti-scratch, non-slip and water-resistant foam.
  • 1 light diffuser tube
  • 1 Lampshade to choose
  • 1 rechargeable LED candle in a Kit of 12 LED candles or 4 LED candles
  • 1 remote control

Contact us! Wide choice of fabrics for your lampshades in our workshop.

The lamps and lampshades are original creations and models designed by Candle Concept. We take into account the style, height and choice of materials throughout the manufacturing process of the lamp and our lampshades.


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