Lampes LED  rechargeable sans fil autonome



      Enhance your space with elegant and practical rechargeable cordless LED table lamps. Perfectly designed  for restaurants, hotels, spas, bars, catering or event planners, our wireless lamps offer the flexibility of multi-charging or individual chargers for personnal use at home.

      Flexibility in charging for all needs:

      • Individual Charger for Personal Use: You can explore our full range of rechargeable table lamps with individual chargers on this page.
      • Multi-Charger for Hospitality: Discover our full range of rechargeable table lamps with multi-chargers by clicking her: PreSelection

      If you need advice, we're here to guide you and make a preselection of wireless  table lamps to match your restaurant decor.

      Feel free to send us a photo of your establishment by email to, with no obligation on your part.

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