We ship throughout Europe. If your country is not listed in our e-shop, please contact us by email at in order to inform you of the costs and delivery times in your country.

Please note: The delivery costs indicated in your basket on our site do not include the islands and postal codes above . These costs will be communicated to you by email after confirmation of your order.

For example: Lois, Oléron, Ile de Ré, Ouessant, Balearic Islands, Andorra, Corsica, Canary Islands, Ceulta, Meilla, Canal Islands, Isles of Man, Azores, Madeira, Faroe Islands and Greenland, Sicily, Sardinia etc. ..

Surcharge for postal zones with the following postal codes:

  • France supplement of + 45.72 euro for postal code: 17111,17480,17670,29242,56780,17123,17550,177740,29253,56840, 80.29990, 85350,17370,17630,17940,56360,17410,17650,22870,56690
  • Corsica, France, supplement of + 45.72 euros for postal code: 20000-20999
  • Italy extra charge of +45.72 euro for postal code: 4020, 4027,7024,7046,9014,25050,300010,30012,30100,30121-30126,30131-30133,30135,30141,57030-57039,58010 ,58012 -58013,5818-58019,71040,80070,80071,800780077,80079,90010,900017,91023,92010,98050,98052,98055
  • Sicily, Italy, 90010-90151,91010-91100,92010-92100,93010-93100,94010-94100,95010-95127,96010-96100,97010-97100,98020-98168
  • Sardinia, Italy, 08010,09010-09049,09070-09099,09100-09124,09126,09170
  • Netherlands supplement of +21.47 euro for postal code: : 1156.1791 -1797.8881-8884.8891-8897.88 99.9161-9164.9166
  • Portugal supplement of +66.24 euro for postal code: : 62601,
  • Azores, Portugal, supplement of + 66.24 euros for postal code: : 9500-9999
  • Madeira, Portugal, supplement of + 66.24 euros for postal code: : 9000-9499
  • Balearic Islands, Spain, supplement of + 43.85 euros for postal code: 97000-07999
  • Canary Islands, Spain, supplement of +43.85 euros for postal code: 35000-35999
  • Germany surcharge of +23.34 euro for postal code: 18565,25845-25847,25849,25859,25863,25869,25929-259333,25938-25942,25946-25949,25952-25955,25961-25970,25980,25985-25986, 25988-25990,25992,25994,25996, 25999,26465,26474,26486,26548,26579,26757,27498,83256
  • Estonia surcharge of +79.91 euro euro for postal code: 6201,88001-8805,91217,91301-91320,92001-92420,93001-94799,96027,96098;
  • Denmark surcharge of +34.55 euro for code 3700, 3720, 3730, 3740, 3751, 3760, 3770, 3782, 3790, 4592, 5960, 5970, 5985, 6720, 7884, 8305, 8592, 9940, 50, 9960 , Greenland, Faroe Islands
  • Greece surcharge of 32.73 euro euro for code: 18010, 18020, 18040, 18050, 80100, 81100-81113, 81200, 81300, 81400-81401, 82100, 82102-82104, 82200, 83100-83104, 83200, 84002 -84003, 84005, 84008-84010, 84100, 84200-84201, 84300-84302, 84400-84401, 84500, 84600, 84702, 84800-84801, 84804, 002,
    85100-85109, 85111, 85200, 85300, 85303, 85400-85401, 85500, 85600, 85700, 85800,
  • Crete, Greece supplement of +32.73 euro euro for code:
  • Sweden surcharge of +57.73 euro euro for code: 10005, 13025, 13033, 13034, 13036, 13038, 13039, 13042, 13043, 13055, 13056, 43080-43089, 43095-43097, 471 32, 62000-62999, 76019

Professional | Purchase in Europe: Your purchases are excluding VAT if your company's headquarters is in Europe, outside Belgium. You must provide us with your intra-community VAT number when ordering. Without this number, purchases will necessarily be subject to 21% VAT on the sale price.


We offer international shipping services but you must contact us by email at to inform you of delivery costs and times in your country.

For professionals, purchases will be excluding tax. The customer will have to pay additional customs clearance taxes upon importation. Virginie Horeczko | Candle Concept has no control over these taxes as customs policies vary greatly from country to country.

Import taxes are paid upon delivery of the goods to the carrier such as Fedex, UPS, DPD, BPOST, GLS etc.


Parcel number:

Thanks to Track & Trace, you can check the progress of all the products you have ordered. We provide you with your parcel number for confirmation of the sending of your order by e-mail.

Can I change my delivery address?

No, you cannot change the delivery address yourself once your order has been registered and your payment accepted. If you wish to change this address or have made an error in the delivery address or contact details, please contact us at

Once the order has been shipped we can no longer change the delivery address. In the event of a return to Candle Concept, all costs for a second delivery must be paid by the customer before shipment.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery is made every working day between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday or Friday. If your opening hours are different, do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Who delivers my order and where?

Orders are delivered by the transport company GLS, UPS, BPOST, or FEDEX. We reserve the right to choose the transport service for your order.

Deliveries are made to the front door. The items are delivered unassembled, Easy access is assumed. The Customer notifies any foreseeable delivery difficulty which may involve a supplement in addition to the invoiced price.


The Customer bears the risks from the order confirmation. Transport at the risk and expense of the Customer.

For example, the Seller does not bear the costs due to:

- Absence during delivery

- Error in delivery address

- Markets/pedestrian streets/Works

- Access distance of more than 25m between the unloading location and the door

- Entrance too low or narrow for trucks or products

- Stairs too narrow or elevators too cramped

- Lack of space in the premises

- Goods elevator

-Wrong address (e.g. error in the spelling of a street, wrong door number, etc.)

Damage, Omission of a product ordered on delivery

Any visible damage and/or qualitative defect of an item or any other defect in delivery, for example omission of an ordered item, must be immediately reported by the Customer upon receipt of the order by Email to

But be careful: by receiving the package, the buyer discharges Candle Concept | Virginie Horeczko of this responsibility if the customer notifies us of anything within 48 hours after receipt.

Delivery times are obligations of means and exceeding them will not give rise to termination or damages. We cannot be responsible for any delays in the delivery of your order.