Candle Concept Lamp | What makes them different from other cordless lights?

Candle Concept's cordless LED lamps:

Without cable and easy to recharge:

Candle Concept, the lamps are cordless, making them incredibly easy for restaurant owners to move from table to table, without the hassle of cables.

Candle Concept's cordless lamp uses rechargeable LED candles inside the lamp to emit light.

Unlike classic cordless lamps where the LED module is fixed and cannot be removed from the lamp.

With Candle Concept, the LED candle is detachable.

To charge the lamp, simply take the LED candle to its charger, allowing the lamp to stay on your table while its LED candle charges.

So, this provides an incredible advantage, especially if you are limited on space to store multiple chargers for these lights. Our charger is compact, taking up minimal space.

These advantages are very important if you have several lamps to recharge!

Unlike traditional cordless lights where you have to charge the entire lamp each time, our design allows you to simply charge the compact LED candle. This means you don't have to worry about storing or handling a large lamp on a charger every time. All your lamps will stay on your table charged or not!


The distinction also extends to the effect of light that we emit

Traditional cordless lights provide static light, lacking the dynamic ambience of real candles.

With the Candle Concept lamp, we manage to recreate the same atmosphere as the light of real candles. With each gentle flicker, our candles weave an enchanting atmosphere, enriching every moment spent at your table.

Whether it's a romantic evening for two or a joyous celebration with friends, let the serene glow of candles enhance your dining experience, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Unlimited lighting options with our remote control.

Switching from flickering to static light with our remote control.

Additionally, our advantage lies in the versatility offered by our remote control. You can choose to let the LED light flicker like a real candle or remain static like a traditional lamp. In static mode, our LED light emits a warm glow, adding a subdued and soft ambiance.

Create the mood! A spectrum of LED colors to match every mood.

Create the perfect ambiance!

choose from a variety of LED colors to create your desired ambiance.

From amber yellow for a natural glow similar to a traditional candle to warm or super bright white for extra illumination when needed.

Versatility at your fingertips!
Personalize your decor for every occasion by easily changing lampshades.

You have the flexibility of Mix & Match!

Allowing you to interchange the lampshade or lamp base.

This offers a multitude of decoration possibilities in the future or for each occasion (Christmas, different seasons, theme), while keeping the same lamp.

Your ambiance, your lamp!
With our lighting system, we highly encourage the chef, restaurant owner or catering manager to customize their lights to complement their decor.
You are the decorator of your own interior!