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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I confirm my order?

After we receive your order request, you will send you your purchase order form. On this form you will have all the information to process your order and the delay of your delivery.

Return this form signed and filled with your proof of payment via bank transfer. Your order will be processed as soon as we received your payment.

My purchase order will be with  21% VAT ?

Company located in Belgium:

Yes you will be added 21% of VAT if you company is located in Belgium.

Company located in Europ (execpt for Belgium)

No. If your company is located in Europe but outside Belgium.

Your purchase are VAT excluded if you give us your VAT company number. If you do not have VAT number, you will be added 21% of VAT .

Company outdide Europe

You purchase will be VAT excluded if it is ship directly to this country.

Where do you ship your table lamps?

We ship our products in Europe via Post, GLS, UPS or Federal Express. You will receive a tracking number to follow your order.

For international countries, please send us your request online.