Candle Concept offer the latest design and styles to fit perfectly your table décor.


Our dinning table lamps are designed specialing to be used for restaurants table daily operations of commercial setting.. 




Create YOUR perfect ambiance with STYLE !

  • Choose a lamp stand that fit your table décor
  • Top off with the desired lamp shade (color & form)
  • Choose the LED rechargeable candle kit


Lamp stands are avalaible in different finishing:

Nickel polished, nickel mat, polished brass, green patina, antique, wood color.

Lamp stands are made of brass or aluminium or glass.

Light Source:

The rechargeable light source are sold separatly:

Our are stands lamp fit perfectly our rechargeable candle Led.



how many components are make up the table Lamp?

 Ours shaded lamps are made of 3 separate components:

  1. Lamp STAND
  2. Clear acryl tube
  3. Lamp SHADE
  4. Rechargeable LED candle


What is the light source of the table lamp?

The table lamp utilise a rechargeable Candle Led, which sists inside the lamp. At the end of the service , you simply take the Led candle from the lamp and place it on its recharging tray.

What is the best rechargeable LED candle to use with the Lamp?

It depends of which ambiance your want to create.

The kit 106/500/12 TB: is usually use for plastic shade and white shade. The light is a warm yellow gmow and soft light.

The kit 108/700/12 TB:  this system gives  four times more light than conventional led tea light and our kit 106/500/12 TSY.

Perfect is you want to light up your dinning table or to use with darker clothes lamp sades.

We will always give you advice to choose the best source of light depending of your lamp shade.


Can I order parts separately? allow you to purchase the shade, the lamp stand, the acryl tube and rechargeable LED candle individually. 

Which countries do you ship  your products?

We ship anywhere in Europe , for internationnal country, please contact our sales office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All our lamps can be used with our led rechargeable candle kit 106/500/12TB & Kit 108/700/12TB (kit of 4 also)