Iron candle holders are available in 4 colors.

This colour shows epoxy & polyester powder coatings in special effects as textures. These powder coatings are applied by meams of electrostatic guns at the apllicator's plant in Belgium

Colours for outside patio : our colours are outdoor resistant but can also be used inside.

These colors are specialy for outdoor use as terraces.

We place inside the iron holder a frosted acryl tube.

This tube will not break as glass.It is a perfect holder to use closed to swimming pool area, beach or children. 

You can placed on this ring a reservation card or your menu  (see cobra 2)


Item Code    
Cobra 1   Iron holder  & frosted acryl tube.
Cobra 2   Iron holder with a ring with frosted acryl tube.


    You can placed on this ring a reservation card or your menu

Zwing   Iron holder with frosted acryl tube
    Colors avalaible for Cobra 1, Cobra2 & Zwing





candle holder for LED candle from Candle Concept