At Candle Concept will sell directly to our customers which allow us to be more efficient to your request.


We want YOU to make the BEST CHOICE  for your table décor. We will not come to your business but we will happy to send you samples to you free of charged if you purchase within the 15 days of the returned of your samples to us.


We ARE SO CONFIDENT ABOUT OUR QUALITY that It is possible to get sample from  lamps, shades and from our LED candles (reasonable quantity) that we have available in stock. You can try our elegant lamp or candleholder in your own restaurant, Spa, or Hotel.


If you do not purchase within the 15 days of the returned of the sample, your deposit amount will be directly refunded to you (deducted of the cost of transport. The cost will be on your sample form)

Included in your package: A  freight prepaid return for the product by post. To use the postal print return label, you  simply prepares their package for shipping and applies the return label  on the box. Take the package to a Post Office and get it scanned at the counter. Always keep the receipt as proof of sending back the box to us.


Please let us know :


  1.  Which lamp or which  candleholder? Its finishing (nickel, polished brass, or aluminium.) ? Example: LAMP "ELEGANCE" in nickel or CANDLEHOLDER "ICING" glas
  2. Which shade (if any)? Example: RED POP SHADE
  3. hich LED candle? Example: 106 Amber, 108 Super bright,109 Super bright or Multii color;The LED candle will be fully charged .
  4. Your VAT company number, Company name and address (offer only for business)
  5. Your address of delivery, contact and phone, business open hours.

After receiving your information, we will send you via email your SAMPLE FORM. Signed this form with your payment. Samples will be sent to you within 5-7 days we received your payment.
Candle Concept & Virginie Horezcko reserved the right to cancel this offer anytime and without notice.