Candle Concept is designer and manufacturer of prenium Shaded lamps, Nonshaded lamps & hoders for Hospitality industry.

We are dedicated to providing quality & durable candle holders as they go thought the daily operations of Hospitality setting.

We have many designs and sizes.

Our shaded lamps & holders is the perfect accesory to complete your dinnning table décor.

  All our candle Shaded lamps, non shaded lamps & holders fit our  LED candles system: 

  KIT 106/500/TSY, KIT 107/500/12TC & KIT108/700/TB. 

Our collection includes:

Shaded lamps

  • the stand choose among many design and finsihing
  • the shade choose among many clothes, form & colors

Non shaded lamps

  • Style torchiere choose among many design and finishing


  • Glass holders (Faqs: yes you can use this holder also with real wax candles)
  • Real wax holders (Faqs: yes you can use this holder also with real wax candles) 
  • Iron holders
  • Stainless holders (Faqs: yes you can use this holder also with real wax candles) 
  • Brass holders nickel é polished brass finishing
  • Aluminium holders


You can place inside the holders our Frosted acrylic tube. It  looks like glass and it will create a perfect warm glow of your Led candle.

Safe, acrylic tube will not break as easy as glass and it will not break into small pieces. Perfect to use closed to swimming pool, beach lounge, SPA and children.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the best LED candle system for the holder, shaded lamp & non shaded lamp?

 You would like a warm glow of tradittional wax candles?

 the system 106 will give the yellow glow of traditional wax candle. Use this system for the Holders & Torchiere lamps.

Also can be used with our plasti shaded and white shaded ....

 You would like to light up your table?

The system 108 will give a brighter white warm light. It is recommended for shade lamp with dark color & thick clothes.

It is recommended with holders if you would like to light up your table.

In any case if you have a doubt we will be there to guide you for the best choice.

Can I use your shaded lamps, non shaded lamp & holder with other LED candle system?

Yes, all our collection can be used with any LED candles. You can purchase any product separtly from Candle Concept.

Does you holder can be used with real candles?

Yes we have many holders that can be used with real wax candles. At Candle Concept we are open minded!

Look at the description of the holder to know it.