At Candle Concept will sell directly to our customers which allow us to be more efficient to your request.

We want YOU to make the best choice for your table décor.

It is possible to get sample from holders, lamps, shades and from our LED candles (reasonable quantity) that we have available in stock. You can try our elegant lamp or holders in your own restaurant, Spa, or Hotel.

Offer valid only if good are return by post only:

We will not come to your business but we will happy to send you samples to you free of charged if you purchase within the 15 days of the returned of your samples. The amount of transport cost will be credited to your account if you email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the copy of your post receipt (please be aware without proof no amount will be credited: we need a copy of your receipt & only for good send by normal post). This offer is not valid for goods returned by other carrier than the post as example: federal express, UPS, DHL…

If you do not purchase within the 15 days of the returned of the sample, your deposit amount will be returned to you deducted of the cost of transport.

If you would like a sample , we need the following :

1. Reference of the holder or lamp? Its finishing (nickel, polished brass, or aluminium.) ? Example: elegance in nickel
2. Reference of the shade (if any)? And the Form (round, square or cylindrical)? Example: pop red round.
3 Reference of the LED candle (106 amber, 108 super bright or Multii color 107)? The candle LED will be fully charged.
4 Your VAT company number, Company name and address
5 Your address of delivery, contact and phone, business open hours.

After receiving your information, we will send you via email your SAMPLE FORM.

Signed this form with your payment. Samples will be sent to you within 5-7 days we received your payment.
Virginie Horezcko reserved the right to cancel this offer anytime and without notice.



There is a free 14 day trial period during which time any merchandise (except as noted below) that is returned in same condition as received will not be subject to any charges.

1. The customer is fully responsible for any damages incurred to the merchandise during the 14-day free trial period. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive use, or damages occurring during the ownership or the during return shipping.

2. If the customer chooses to return the product within the 14-day period, the customer must return it on the name & address below :

To:  Virginie Horeczko

  Kruiningestraat 13
  Be 2100 Deurne

3.  BE AWARE : Goods must be return on the name of VIRGINIE HORECZKO, not on the name of Candle Concept.

4. The customer is responsible for all return shipping and insurance charges. Returned merchandise should be shipped, freight pre-paid, by the most appropriate manner. The customer is FULLY responsible for any damages incurred during return shipping. If any damaged occur, an amount will be deducted from the amount received as deposit.

5. If the merchandise is not received within the fourteen day period, the customer will be invoiced, net within 30 days, fom the original date of shipment.

The following items CANNOT be a sample, and are not covered by the 14 day free trial period:
a. GALA LAMPS as example: celebration
b. Custom made or modified parts, or "special order" items.
c. Charger
d. Shade & product not in stock at the time of your demand

The address of delivery and your open business hours must be given to us correctly. In case your sample is returned to us because of incorrect address or your business was closed at the time of delivery. We will send you back again the samples as your own expense after your confirmation. Samples will be sent again to you only when your payment is received for the cost of transport. We do not refund second delivery of samples even if you purchase within 15 days of the returned of your samples.

Any questions concerning the procedures governing the fourteen day free trial should be resolved PRIOR to the order being placed, and the merchandise being shipped. These procedures are considered accepted when the Purchase Order is placed against Virginie Horeczko.

This offer is not valid for merchandise sold or shipped outside of Europe