Remote Control Inductive Rechargeable LED candle-Multi colors flame-12 pack or 4 pack set

15 colors led light SELECTABLE   


Candle Concept system can be used indoors and outdoors as it resist wind. It is very easy to use with its remote control.

  1. SPACE SAVER: 2 charger trays (24 LED candles) can be connected together , using one power adaptater only.
  2. GREEN PRODUCT: as its does not produce any emission
  3. SMART INDUCTION: charging system wit a light indicator in each LED candle to indicate when it is charging(red light) or fully charged (green light)
  4. SWITCH OFF/ON: on each candle so you can use it manual mode
  5. EASY TO USE R/C: a remote control universal for all LED candles with many features
  6. SAFE CANDLE LED: as they are completly sealed
  7. COST SAVING: can be used up to 500 cycles
  8. BURNS for 14 hours
  9. Fully charged in 10 hours
  10. CHOOSE YOUR MOOD : two modes for the flam - FLICKER and STATIC mode
  11. Multi Color Led flam: choose the color you like among the 15 color flam.
  12. WARRANTY: one year warranty on charger and candle led under normal use.

Remote control inductive REchargeable LED candle-MULTI COLOR LIGHT for pack of 12 or 4 pack set


  1. Standard OFF/ON
  2. Selectable Brightness Level (Bright & Dim)
  3. Auto OFF Timer (4 or 8 hours)
  4. Controlled by wireless handled IR Remote
  5. Selectable Flickering or STATIC light
  6. Selectable Natural CandleLight OR any Colors
  7. Select Specific Color or select Rotating Colors



Each kit 107/500/12TC contains twelve recahrageable muti color led candle with Ntaural Flickering Wireless INduction Charging Base and Remote Controller.
many possibility of color led light with the same candle.

Smart induction system:

A indicator light will indicate when the led candle is fully charge (green light indicator) or charging (red light indicator) in each LED candle.

Frequently asked question:

When to use the Multi Color LED candle 107?

If you would like to have different color in your holder, then this candle is your best choice. This LED candle perfectly fit all our collection of shaded lamps and holders although the best effect will be with a non shaded lamp.