Cordless Lighting by Candle Concept for the finest dining table.

Candle Concept design and manufacture its own dining table lamps for restaurants, Hotels, Spa, Cruise Boat.

We make sure that our lamps are durable as they go thought the daily operations of a commercial setting.

Our shaded & non-shaded lamps or holders are available in different finishing ( polished  brass, nickel, green patina, antique, wood color and colours) to fit perfectly your table décor.

We have 2 kinds of cordless table lamps:

  • Shaded & non shaded lamps to use with our rechargeable LED CANDLE ( Go to :candles - then to: rechargeable LED candles)
  • or Rechargeable LED Lamps (Go to: lamps)
Rechargeable LED Candle Led in our shaded lamp         Cordless Rechargeable Lamp
The shaded lamps uses a rechargeable Led candle, which sits inside the lamp. This LED candle is easily removed and placed on a recharging station when its battery life is depleted.     The lamp is place directly on its charging tray to be recharged.